Day 177: Presence…

We can all agree that everyone in our life values when we are showing up our best.  The million-dollar question in how do we consistently produce the high-quality presence that the world needs from us?

Let’s start with writing out our dream state for our own presence.  For me its freedom from my mind and body. Translated – I’ve decluttered the mental inbox so I can truly be in the present moment as opposed to thinking about something in the past or future and my body feels great through the right combination of exercise, food/water, and recovery.

Once you have your dream state for the presence that you want to embody every day, make sure that your formula is a top Unified Strategy. For me is its Highest Order First: Feel good, do good. Continue to prioritize my mental, physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual health to be at peace of mind, body and soul that will enable me to serve at the highest level.

What’s your dream state? What’s your unified strategy to get there? Let’s get clear and build our presence.

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