Day 178: Begin to believe…

Am I enough? Am I good enough? 

The answers that I have told myself to those two tricky questions is the script I am trying to flip.  My ego and conditioning has told me all my life that the answer to these questions are no.  It has not necessarily been a bad thing as it has fueled progress in many aspects of life. But is it true? And is living in the void of those answers being no really a sustainable way to live? 

I am beginning to believe there is another way to live where the answer to both of these questions is yes. That shift and the path to get there is a Neo moment for me. The work is very far from done and will be a perpetual journey but I am turning the tide of this inner war.

Where do you need to flip the script in your belief system?  Awareness is the first step of the journey. Let’s build it together. 

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