Day 179: Loss to learning…


What’s jumping off the page about today’s writing is that leaders initiate. Win or lose, they are going to initiate learning how to improve. Win or lose they are going to initiate studying and learning about themselves and their process. Win or lose they are going to apply the learning immediately.

Leaders don’t stay down on self, but they will stay hard on self to initiate productive action.

Remember the famous rhetoric of Bill Belichick during his press conference after being embarrassed by the Chiefs on Monday Night Football in 2014 and everyone was questioning if the dynasty was over?

“We’re onto Cincinnati”.. I was at that next week’s game and they crushed our soul.  They immediately went back to work and 6 days later embarrassed a pretty good Bengals team.

Leaders initiate. Whether you win or lose today, what learning can turn into productive action tomorrow?

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