Intentions vs PoP…

The longer you “intend” to do something but don’t do it, the less likely you ever will. Stop with the good intentions, my friend. Replace them with some intensity toward your productive actions (PA). You will not get better by what you intend to do. You get better by doing hard stuff others only dream about. Today, I’m having cancer cells cut out of my left ear. If I simply intended to keep my skin cancer free and never got around to scheduling these intense cut sessions, my squamous cell cancer would be having it’s way with me. Cancer does not care about my intentions. Cancer only cares about the intensity of Doccuttfirstsscapel.

So, friend, do not treat whatever obvious struggle is in your way to your good intentions. Attack your stuff with some intensity. PA is no joke. In fact it’s the third piece to the BTL triangle offense. CORE. OPUS. PoP. Build a strong CORE. Author an authentic OPUS. This is really good stuff. Now comes the hard part. PoP it out everyday with your Playbook of Productive Action (PA). Good intentions do not align CORE and OPUS into a sense of oneness. Good intentions don’t cut out self limiting habits. Good intentions don’t stop distractions. Good intentions don’t keep you healthy. Good intentions are not, in fact, good. PoP is. Build your PoP, friend. Don’t be a dumbass and do the hard work of building a strong CORE and an authentic OPUS and then let good intentions stop you short. PoP it out.

CORE. OPUS. PoP. This is the BTL triangle offense. All three are required. Everydayness is the heart of excellence. What are you intending to do today? Stop saying that bullshit, please. Done so, remember?

Live hard. Love harder…

8 thoughts on “Intentions vs PoP…

  1. Love this. When I first read about the triangle offense, my mind went to Current State/Dream State/PA.

    Good intentions may make a great daydream, but a dream come true takes Dream and DO.

    p.s. Glad you still have “ears to hear”, Toto…heal-up until next time.

  2. Obviously, CORE, OPUS and POP are 3 Bolted on Beliefs we share about being CORE Centered and creating ONENESS……AND I love the idea of The Triangle Offense! A great visual my little mind can wrap around!
    Cut on again!! I have known you a long, long time and this has to be your 60 or 70+ cut for cancer, Nasty Shit!

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