Day 188 – Hope…

I love Chet’s writings about his parent’s life journey. They are the picture of resilience. And Marie still models the way. I am humbled by her life story, inspired by her strength that is undergirded by her faith. And I am encouraged by her enduring sense of hope in life. She is one of my heroines.  

One of my beliefs is that our natural state as humans is to dream. A favorite question I love to ask is ‘when you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?’ In response their face reveals a return to that sweet state of dreaming, of possibilities. Possibilities filled with hope. I’ll never forget teeing up that question one day when I was filling in for Gu at a practice. The biggest, most polished looking guy in the room immediately got that look, as if he was a little boy again. He shared that he wanted to be a professional baseball player. Just that moment of getting in touch with dreaming again meant something to him. 

The world can squash our dream state out of us. Maybe it’s a parent, a coach, a teacher or a boss who tells us we’ll never be able to do that. And so we eventually stop dreaming. 

The opposite of fear is not courage, as most of us think…it’s hope. (Thanks, Gu, for this learning). When we have hope we can stand in the face of adversity. We can bounce back from loss. We can face our fears and go for our OPUS. And our hope springs from our Worldview, our beliefs. When we have hope then we can dream again. Big or small. 

My Worldview is anchored in my faith in God, tested and tried in the many challenges of life. The reasons for my belief give me hope, hope that is rooted in truth I can stand on. And when I have hope I can dream. And I can give others my belief in them as they pursue their dreams. Leaders are believers.

What do you believe in? Does it give you hope? If your hope meter is wavering I encourage you to rinse your Worldview to make sure your beliefs are working for you, not against you. 

Then you’ll be ready to dream…again.

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