Day 189 – Milk and honey…

In today’s BBTL entry Chet refers to the record of a key moment in the history of the people of Israel so I will riff on it. If you want to check it out read Numbers 13 for the play-by-play.  

In response to God’s command, Moses sent 12 spies to check out the Promised Land as they were on the cusp of realizing it as their long-awaited home. These 12 were leaders of each of their father’s tribes and were warriors. Moses gave them specific instructions of what he wanted them to report back. So off they went out to check it out. 

All 12 saw the land flowing with milk and honey and the bountiful harvest the land produced. They even brought back samples of its choicest fruit. All 12 reported the goodness of the land. 

All 12 also saw the challenges and the obstacles therein, including fortified cities and people of formidable stature. 

Only Joshua and Caleb believed they could succeed based on what God had promised. 

The other 10 did not believe and focused on their fears of the obstacles, especially the giants.  Their fear immediately influenced the people of Israel, whose hearts melted. This unbelief resulted in 40 years of wandering in the desert. Ouch. They chose Dread over Dream. 

Leaders are believers.

Joshua and Caleb had flexible optimism…belief that they would succeed while being realistic about the challenges. They had hope which showed up as courage because of their faith in God’s promise. Dream and Do is never easy but it’s worth it. 45 years later when the people finally entered the promised land they were led by … Joshua. 

And… guess who chose the toughest area to settle in where the giants still lived? Yep, Caleb. Even at an advanced age he still had the Dream and Do fight in him. 

Leaders keep believing. 

Is there anything keeping you from Dream and Do? What giants are causing you fear? Don’t fall short of your promised land. Keep building your strong Core as you prepare. 

4 thoughts on “Day 189 – Milk and honey…

  1. Dream and Do! “Caleb, even at an advanced age he still had the Dream and Do fight in him!” I love that thought Kitty, never to old, yes there will be obstacles, doubt…. AND my job is to keep building that strong Core, Believing, Dreaming/OPUS and strong Productive Action, your clarity is hitting home for all of us!!

  2. Love this. When King David wrote about this event in Psalm 95, he gave another warning. At the root of unbelief is a hardened heart. After their hearts melted, they hardened. A hardened heart produces ears that cannot hear and eyes which cannot see. Keeping a teachable heart, an open heart, a soft heart creates a strong and courageous heart — and guards against heart dis-ease.

  3. Great And, John. Thank you for the added context from David…and the reminder that these are real people we can learn from, even from thousands of years ago. The imperative to guard our heart is more important than ever today. A really smart guy shared this idea a few thousand years ago, as well: ‘Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.’ Proverbs 4:23.

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