I had a new client share their heart and bear their soul with me today. A true privilege, honor and responsibility. They are doing amazing work and challenging everything for all the right reasons. You see, they are willing and wanting to go there, but need to know that I’m trustworthy. It triggered a memory of a very similar conversation I had with Chet many many moons ago. I hope this story might help a few of you as well…

In early 2010, about a month into my work with Chet, I sat across from him at a restaurant near my house and made a desperate plea. You see, I started to realize the work we were doing was exactly what I needed and could potentially make all the difference in my life. But I needed to know this wasn’t just some bullsh!t corporate leadership program. So, with tears in my eyes, I told him the fear I had.

I told him I’ve believed in people before only to be let down time and time again. I told him how important his intentions were to me. I told him this can’t be transactional in any way. I told him his integrity mattered most to me. I told him this was becoming sacred ground for me and that he better not be f*cking with me. I let him have it, all of it, all of me. I needed to know if he could handle my brokenness or if he’d be scared away.

After I finished throwing up all my thoughts, Chet smiled and thanked me for sharing. He meant it, I could see it in his eyes. Nothing profound was said, but I remember the melody line… trust the process and do the work. My fear was fair and for good reason, but the only way to move past it, was to go through it. That day, Chet and I built trust, albeit one brick. However, every day since he’s been trustworthy by BEING honest, sincere, intentional, kind, giving, predictable and loving.

Thanks Chet, for showing me how to humbly, respectfully and lovingly be with someone who is letting you in. And thanks for showing me what it looks like to be trustworthy.

Want to build trust with another? Be worthy of receiving it. That’s the only way home, as they say.

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