Day 196 – Life is more mystery…

Like Chet, C.S. Lewis is my favorite author. I love all of his amazing works, however my favorites of his are two that are not as well-known: The Great Divorce (which is not about divorce) and The Space Trilogy.

In each of these gems Lewis challenges my bent for leaning into my left brain and what I know to be reality and invites me, through his amazing artistry and unparalleled use of language, to expand my imagination, challenge my creative limits and reassess my earth-bound paradigms. I’ve read both works multiple times and learn something new every time. Amazing. It’s like he connects both sides of my brain when I read these works, unlike any others I’ve encountered. C.S. Lewis builds my commitment to learn as a result. I’m so thankful for his gift. 

And, as Chet shares in today’s entry, I know that life is both mystery and reality. The awe-inspiring gift of new life leads me to see the mystery and the artistry of God’s creation of a new life while knowing the ‘science’ of how we come to be and how we live and breathe. 

The problem of pain and loss is another collision of mystery and reality. Any of us who have lost loved ones, whether suddenly, like LA, or through a painful long term illness like so many experience. The reality of the loss is stark. There is no mystery about it. The reason why these painful experiences happen? That’s the mystery…the unknown…the yet to be understood. 

My Worldview is very clear to me. I know what I believe and why. I have evidence for what I believe and I have faith in what has not yet been revealed or explained because of Who I am in relationship with. Not because I can figure it out, not at all. And I am clear that this is my Worldview. It grounds me through everything in life. 

LA always challenged the phrases we so often use: ‘blind faith’ or ‘take a leap of faith’. It would actually rile him up quite a bit to hear someone say this. Why? He knew (and I have since come to value) the importance of knowing not just what you believe but why. What evidence do you have for your beliefs? Does your Worldview help you or hurt you? Where you can’t yet have evidence to prove what you believe, that’s where faith steps in. However be sure it’s not blind faith. 

What author helps you to expand your brain, heart and soul like Lewis does mine? 

What do you believe and why? 

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