Day 199 – Marie was right…

So I took a bit of poetic license with today’s title. In today’s entry Chet shared his learnings as a new parent from his mom’s wise counsel. Marie was right. She still is. One of my PA’s in life is to slow down and learn from the wise. Marie Scott is one of the wise. 

Here are a few of her instructions to Chet after the birth of his eldest (from Day 199 in BBTL…): 

  • “When he’s young, take the time to teach him like his life depends upon it. 
  • Teach him about God, the importance of family and friends.
  • Teach him the moral code and to not let the negatives pull him down. 
  • Teach him to look up, get up, and never give up.”

These are powerful teachings in the context of Marie’s life story. Deeply powerful. Here are a few more nuggets of pure gold from Marie…

  • “Listen. 
  • Study him. The older he gets, the more you listen and observe. 
  • As he becomes a young man, listen, listen, and listen some more. 
  • He won’t want to hear your instruction, so you’ve got to sneak it in with questions, stories, and keep it short.”

Listen to learn. This is a simple recipe but one that is hard for us humans to follow well. 

When I hear great wisdom from those I know and respect I listen so that I can learn. I don’t want to miss the gems that I know will help me in work and in life. While it is a challenge to block out the ‘noise’ it’s worth it to listen to the wise. 

Another PA is that I seek out truth tellers. I am beyond blessed with my band of wise ones…some are encouragers, some are coaches who challenge me to do more than I think I can, some are subject matter experts while others have operational chops. And a few are ‘left-field thinkers’… they think very differently than I do and see things from their own vantage point. All, however, are truth tellers. Truth in love. They are my Builders. For whom I am forever grateful. 

Leader, who do you listen to in order to learn? Who is in your band of wise ones? My prayer is that you will be blessed by a Marie or a Chet. If you are, please pass it on. 


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