The world is noisy and getting noisier. Lead anything and you must become a master at tuning into pure signal. The problem is tuning out everything else. This morning a client told me about another problem weighing him down. I got curious. Slowed him down and then hit him with few words.

He’s tuned into noise.

Begin your day tuning into yourself. Know thyself is not enough. Remind thyself is the perfect and. I begin each morning, remember, by reminding myself who I am, why I’m here, and where I’m going today. I know who I am and know who I’m not. I know who I’m going to be with today, why it matters, and do not let worry of tomorrow or regret of yesterday clutter my mind. Pure signal is tuned toward my PoP (Playbook of Productive Action) for today. I live in the moment by engaging my CORE while tuning into pure PoP. I don’t swipe up, left, right, or down. I tune into each practice. Period. In between practices I chill, workout, study, and refill.

The world wants you to speed up. BTL reminds you that masters slow down. The world wants you to do more. BTL reminds you that masters do less, they just do whatever they do with more intensity and integrity. The world wants you to get busier and busier. BTL reminds you to keep it simple. Be good. Do good. Keep getting better, not busier.

CORE, OPUS, PoP. Tune your station to these bad boys. Lock ‘em in. Focus today on your PoP. Yesterday was freakin magic. Learn from it. Today is freakin’ magic. Live it. Tomorrow will be freakin’ magic. Wait for it. The world wants you distracted. BTL believes you’re designed for distinction and deep connection. What do you believe, friend? Are you dialed into your station (CORE, OPUS, PoP) or are you trying to do it all?

Masters do less and accomplish more. You?

Live hard. Love harder…

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