Mine for this…

Most humans bury conflict. Most humans mine for gold. Excellence requires you to flip this bullshit on its head. Excellent individuals embrace conflict, in fact, they mine for it. Today, we dug up some stuff the team had been burying for twenty years. We dug it up. It was hard and not much fun.

Remember this truth, friend.

You can do what is easy today and eventually life is gonna get hard. You can do what is hard now and life will get easier. Fact. Pain is inevitable. Misery is a choice. The only way out of chronic pain is through the door labeled acute. BTL team practice bubbles up conflict that’s been there all along. We don’t like doing this. We simply know this is our job. We do this to make the individuals, teams, and leaders better; bitter, not so much.

Today was laced with conflict. I’m sipping a Kentucky Bourbon Ale and reflecting on hard OPUS as my workday comes to an end. It was a good days work. It wasn’t all shits and giggles. It was hard OPUS and I’m tired. Some days, it come ezpz. Some days, not so much. I embrace it all knowing that this is the gig.

Hard labor you disdain as you tire. Hard OPUS you sustain as you perspire. What you sweating, friend? Slow down. Reflect. Write. Come clean. You choose. Your choices have consequences. Good.

Live hard. Love harder

1 thought on “Mine for this…

  1. I think it was Jerzy Gregorek on Tim Ferriss podcast that said, “easy choices, hard life…hard choices, easy life.” It applies to many choices in life, and certainly goes along with what you said here. Thx as always for sharing, Chet.

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