Day 204 – Like a lobster…

I’ve spent many hours seeing Caribbean lobsters in their native habitat. SCUBA diving is one of my passions. Over the last 40 years I’ve grown to appreciate God’s brilliance in creation by seeing the perfect ecosystem that is ocean life working in harmony in amazing ways. The learner in me loves to discover new facts about the role that each member of that ecosystem plays. For example, large barrel sponges, which are animals, act as the lymph system of the ocean, and can purify thousands of gallons of ocean water as they feed in the process of water moving through their cells. Large or small, each creature makes an important contribution to the whole. Each has a purpose. 

And most are territorial by nature. Lobsters included. Lobsters like to hang out in spaces underneath or between coral reef formations. When I’ve swum close to them to get a photo they first tend to retreat a bit until I don’t appear to be a threat to them, then they sit there and wave their antennae and pincers, always keeping a close eye on me. They will defend their territory or their meal, then retreat back into their space to chill out until the next encounter. 

My And to Day 204 is that another way we are like lobsters is that we can be territorial, too. What do we consider to be our territory and why are important questions to answer in work and in life. Is it the right territory? What are we willing to fight for and why? As we build our strong Core we can answer these questions with clarity. At the end of my life I want to be able to look back and know that what I was willing to stand for, work for, protect and defend were the right things. And when I retreated it was for the right reason at the right time. 

My friend, here, was telling me to keep moving that way.

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