Day 209 – Autonomy and alignment…

This week Gu, Slippy and I have had the privilege of building into the few. A few front-lines servants operating in a tough space, albeit a chosen one. A battlefield. Leaders who desire to be all they are created and gifted to be in their leadership. For a cause they believe in 100%. To serve those in need. 

This week is an annual stewardship of LA’s vision to bring BTL building to leaders in this non-profit space over the last 15 years. These folks are humble leaders. Teachable leaders. Called leaders. All-in leaders. Those who want to grow and transform. We don’t chase them…they seek us. They are ready. Good. 

As I facilitated practice today and built into these leaders the theme of ‘Become and Belong’ became clear. They didn’t know one another before yesterday. Yet they are now a team. An elite one, at that. Leaning into one another. Building into one another. Together. They are here because they want to Become. They already Belong due to the hard yards they’ve committed to in their calling. The price they’ve already paid and are willing to pay is known. 

Our BTL process involves going deep, setting the edge, challenging and encouraging with a long- term view. I witnessed Awakening occur before my eyes today, in real time (tissues were an essential.) I saw Challenge hit home through every exercise I facilitated. And I’m seeing Transformation happen as together they build into one another… it is beautiful. More good is yet to come, no doubt. I look forward to seeing the fruit. 

Their Why. Their CORE. Their OPUS. And their PoP. That’s where they’re headed. As I facilitate these leaders tomorrow, as they rinse and repeat their Core. As they begin to dream about their OPUS, they have much work ahead of them. In fact…I hope they are working on their homework tonight ;). 

I will continue to set the edge for them to carry this forward, deeper, personally and with their teams. The ripple effect will be generational. Worldwide. 

Become and belong. Both And are essential. 

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