Day 210 – Betrayal…

Leading is never easy. Not by design nor in reality. With all the blessings, fulfillment, challenge, and in some commercial spheres, the remuneration, that come with leadership … there is a  price to pay. The other aspect to leadership is…


Betrayal is a price to pay that most leaders don’t expect to experience up front. And most often it comes from one close in, not one far away.

Lead anything, please prepare for betrayal. Study the Gallup Employee Engagement stats over the last 40+ years and you’ll see a rolling average of 17% of any organization’s staff falls into the category of ‘Actively Disengaged’,…i.e., saboteurs. They are actively undermining that which you and your star performers are accomplishing. Major bummer.

And…there is a reason why the 17% flipped to become an adversary. They most likely did not join your system actively disengaged. Oftentimes grievances are involved. Leader, lean into the why of this one to learn first and then act. Reclamation or Release…both are valid options.

Leader, prepare now for betrayal. BTL starts with knowing your Why. We move to building your strong Core…what you believe, who you are (and whose you are), what you love, how you choose to live and work, who you are called to serve…and so much more on the Builder’s journey. 

Betrayal stinks. It’s real. I speak from personal experience and it is hard. Not fun. 

Leader, build your Core now to prepare for betrayal to come so you can stand in that MOT and go through the stuff.

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