Day 211 – Experience…

The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark. – Thomas Paine. 

Experience is a great teacher… learn from it is the theme of today’s entry. 

This week as I’ve had the privilege of building into amazing front lines leaders of a most worthy cause for life, I again was reminded of the power of our story. Of our unique, personal Builder’s journey. The story of our path through adversity, pain, brokenness and healing. To redemption. Reclaiming who we truly are. Rediscovering why we are here. Reframing our past to ignite our future. And leveraging it all to make the world a better place. 

Experience. Learn. Apply.

Here’s the missing piece …Pass it on. 

Redeem the learning by sharing it with others, especially with the next generation. 

One of my PA’s that has become part of my calling is that I believe in building the bench of leaders before we need them to lead. The Next Gen. I actively look for the opportunity to do so with the few… the younger few. And like our BTL Band of Builders, the bar is high for the few in whom we will invest. 

This week I had the incredible blessing to do so with one young woman who was in my leadership track. Who I fully believe will change the world. She’s one of the few. She’s only just now starting to catch that vision. She doesn’t fully believe it yet…however I know this week was an inflection point in her life and leadership journey. Leaders are believers. She’s on the right path now. 

Pass it on, leaders. To the few. 


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