Aristotle was right. You are what you repeatedly do. Here’s what he didn’t say but I’m sure was thinking. Do not mistake thinking with doing. You are not your thoughts. You are what you do, even with your thinking, friend. You are not your good intentions. You are not what you’re preparing to do, you know tomorrow or day after next. You are not what you would have done today if shit didn’t happen, you know. You are not what you wanted to do but your boss, brother, or some other form of bother, kept you from doing. You are not what you would have done had you not grown up you know where without you know what. You are not your excuses, even all those legit ones.

Excellence is a habit. Make it a habit to use the tools your BTL Builder and you, you know, built. I mean come on man, you’ve invested so much time and energy building your CORE and authoring an authentic OPUS. Seems to make no sense not to turn them into an everyday habit of the heart, right? Yet many do. Many well meaning clients do the hard work within and the hard work to gain clarity of their aim, and then get distracted with the busyness of business. Don’t be a dumbass. Use the tools like the great life depends upon it – because it does.

Everyday look at your CORE and OPUS. Remind yourself who you are and where you’re going. Everyday. This is the habit of the elite. They never stop discovering the depths of who they are while gaining further clarity on where they’re going and how exactly to get there. Excellence is not easy, it’s a habit. CCOF. CORE Centered. OPUS Focused. CCOF. Today, I reminded a few clients. They’re good headed to great. Greatness comes to those who choose just a little bit better. CCOF. Make this a habit. Good. Great is coming, just not soon. Keep working your ass off on the right stuff. CCOF. You got a better idea?

Live hard. Love harder…

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