Today, turning up the river road, I knew it was going to be a harder than normal ride. Stomach was unhappy last evening. Sleep was interrupted. Recovery worse than normal. Emotionally drained from more practice than normal. Miss still not back to anywhere near 100%. All these factors matter when it comes to endurance. So, I sat in the back and enjoyed watching the other seven make it look easy. I got dropped a couple times. No bigee.

Nobody cares about your excuses. Endure. Nobody wants to hear about your distressors. Endure. Nobody is interested, you know. Endure. Well, nobody is a stretch. A few always look over their shoulder. A few pick you up when you’re down. A few tune in on whatever team you find yourself taking up residence. Be one of the few. Take care of the weaker ones, but don’t coddle ‘em. Make them do what they can. Make yourself. Be with. Even when your less than 100%, you know. With. You can endure more when you wrestle with the best, right Sammy?

Live hard. Love harder…

5 thoughts on “Endure…

  1. Thanks Chet as someone who has experienced your program I just endured a small setback followed by some surgery just what the doctor ordered…

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