Day 253 – De clutter de mind

Writing is the most important time in BTL practice.

Writing is the most important in BTL because it de-clutters your mind. You listen to your own thoughts more than your leader’s. Recently in team practice this phrase stuck with me- Leaders don’t solve problems, they create problem solvers.

Leaders take a lot of responsibility for their team. While this is true, don’t forget that you aren’t made to take all the tension from the team. Leadership is influence. If you want more influence, de clutter your mind by passing the tension to it’s rightful owners. To know where to pass the tension, you need to know what your focus is. If you know the focus of your OPUS and CORE it will help you know when to pass or take the tension.

I remember, in our Friday morning BTL band zoom, Kitty helped de clutter my mind. I was expressing to everyone that I was having a difficult time deciding where to take BTL practice in the moment. I was overwhelmed by the amount of directions to go, and I didn’t know the right one to take. Kitty reminded me to think in the moment this- Where is the best place to go to make this team more ONE? She was directing me back to our band’s purpose. She reminded me that I’d gain clarity on how to proceed if I looked back to my CORE.

First, write about where you need to de clutter you mind. Where does your CORE and OPUS tell you to focus? Second, write about where you need to pass the tension. The former will enable the latter.

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