Day 258 – Commitment

Why does commitment matter? In my worldview, I believe it matters because to commit means to put your faith toward something. We admire people who commit to things because they embrace the uncertainty of the end result. Today in BTL practice Chet recounted a phrase from childhood that his mom said, "Nothing worth anything is … Continue reading Day 258 – Commitment

Day 256 – Who is your audience?

I believe doing the BTL core work provides the framework to become confident in who you are, regardless of your audience. Everyone is nervous occasionally, and that is okay. If you build your competence, and strengthen your core, you will become more confident. From my perspective, gaining clarity on my identity has helped me out … Continue reading Day 256 – Who is your audience?

Day 255 – Elite’s underbelly

I am currently neither married, divorced, or in a relationship. Nevertheless, I have a routine for going from kill to chill. When I come home I find my comfortable sweatpants and oversized t-shirt. Despite not being in a relationship, it's equally important to be able to chill once home and away from work. Stressed to … Continue reading Day 255 – Elite’s underbelly

Day 253 – De clutter de mind

Writing is the most important time in BTL practice. Writing is the most important in BTL because it de-clutters your mind. You listen to your own thoughts more than your leader's. Recently in team practice this phrase stuck with me- Leaders don't solve problems, they create problem solvers. Leaders take a lot of responsibility for … Continue reading Day 253 – De clutter de mind