Day 72: Pruned

Together we awaken, challenge, and transform. Together.

What does the word together have to do with pruning? I believe it exemplifies the need to be pruned in order to prune another. In other words, you can’t lead anyone else further than you’ve gone yourself. And, BTL builders challenge clients while also receiving good challenges back from a client. Together we transform.

I love our Friday morning Band calls for this very reason. We spend deliberate time being pruned so that we can build into our clients that much better. And at the same time it can be so difficult being pruned. Asking for help is simple – not easy. So to reiterate today’s day, when was the last time you asked to be pruned?

I also love the model of starting BTL with new clients. I’m not looking to hire new clients that just want to focus on their team or co-workers. I’m looking for a client that is willing to do the discovery questions and wrestle with their core constantly. And the magic is when a client wakes up to the fact that being pruned by a builder enables them to build their team to really become one.

Want a better team? Become a better leader. Don’t resist pruning, ask for more of it.

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