Day 119: Elle Woods

“Most professionals who appear to be winging it aren’t. They’ve just prepared for so long and mastered their craft so well that it appears effortless.” I think about this every time I watch professional soccer because I know how hard it is to do that very move. And I laugh to myself when I watch sports that I don’t know deeply because I think about all the nuance and detail happening in front of me. I miss a lot of the nuance, but appreciate the expertise nonetheless.

My preparation has been upped simply by having Rachel push me to go deeper in my core. Something she said, which is repeated a lot in BTL, is that you can only lead someone as far as you’ve gone yourself. And as I’m doing the work with Rachel I’m realizing that my Core needs to continuously go deeper and deeper everyday relentlessly. It’s not that I didn’t have a Core or didn’t ever rinse it, it’s just that there was too much complacency in tackling it harder. And I’m seeing the benefit of going 3 layers deeper into my Core beliefs. I’m watching my beliefs come out more naturally in practice, which stems from prior preparation on my own time writing it out.

Rachel recently pushed me to rinse some of my core worldview beliefs around relationships. Not just any relationships, but rather relationships that we’re overwhelmingly painful to me. What I realized is that I ruminated about it a lot … over and over. I finally sat and wrote everything out about this experience that played in my mind. Writing honestly showed a lot of self-limiting beliefs, and illuminated my discomfort. And Rachel emphasized that she was pleased that I didn’t hold back the truth in my writing. And this is just an AND that is a melody line over all our work and all our preparation. Write the truth. Be honest about where you lack preparing a lawyers argument. I gave you the truth about where I lacked being perfect in my preparation. Write honestly about your preparation. Stop ruminating and get the truth out in the open unedited.

1 thought on “Day 119: Elle Woods

  1. AND I love building with you because you do the work. All I do is hold up a mirror, my friend. Love seeing you be real and raw and get stronger for it. Frickin. Magic. Great writing, great learning, great doing, Tay.

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