Pain problem…

Pj, me, Littlest Poquito, Slo, and Slippage. These five dudes did an hour and six minutes of stupid this morning. We then did thirty minutes of freakin’ magic as we walked and talked together. For Slippage, this was 3PP numero uno. He’s a BTL Builder (damn good one too) and a 3 time Natty Champ leading OSU Women’s Rowing. He’s weak in his core. He reminds me of myself back in 2008-09. I knew I was weak in my core and just kept ignoring the early warning signals that surgeries were coming. My orthopedic told me hip replacement was a reality. His words in 2008 were “call me when you can’t take the pain.” Shoulders were wrecked from dumbASS mountain bike accidents. Lower back hurt like hell. But, damn, could I ride the bike without any pain.

Until the French Alps, that is.

The French Alps reveal. My low back screamed, “DumbASS!!,” really, really loudly back in 2009. My shoulders and hip yelled alongside. The beauty kept me pedaling, albeit slowly. That trip and Littlest Poquito, changed my mind. Core work became the ritual on August 1, 2010. I had a pain problem.


The recipe was more acute pain. Today, Slippage got his first taste. It. Won’t. Be. His. Last. I saw something in him this morning. I saw his edge. The work began at 7:37am. I opened the garage door with coffee in hand to check the weather at 7:01. He was already here. Damn, the dude came prepared. He came early to mentally and physically get himself right. He crushed it. Tomorrow and Monday, he might feel crushed himself. Good. Come Tuesday, we’ll see his response. It took me a few years to fall in love.

Twelve years later, however, I can say with complete sincerity that I LOVE core work. I LOVE BTL CORE work and core work. Both are hard. Both bring strength to MOT and everyday life. I cannot believe what I once loathed I now love. My orthopedic, thankfully, is still waiting for my call!

What chronic pain are you accepting, friend? Slow down and look for your pain points. We’ve all got ‘em. Stop running away and hoping the pain won’t catch up. Does. Not. Work. Step into it. Run through it. Peace, I believe, is found on the other side of acute pain. Peace within. Peace with others. Peace with your place. Peace with CORE, OPUS and peace with PoP. Peace is possible, just not without pain – the right kind of pain. Choose wisely, friend. And, remember, not choosing is still a choice.

Welcome back, Poquito. And, welcome Slippage. You both have what it takes. Well done, Slo and Pj. We missed you Downer, jmo, Blondie, Burnt Meadow, Grappy, Kevin, Queen, Miss V, Brutty, and Kaitlyn(sp). We are the 3PP. We are an open system. You are welcome to come. We will make you do more than you think you can. We are not normal, nor do we want to be. We enjoy the camaraderie of suffering. Together we transform. Together we enjoy the hard earned walk and talk. Always together. See you sorries soon.

Live hard. Love harder…

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