Day 120 Damn few…

Moments of truth rarely come with advance notice. The Few are ready for them and can stand in adversity as well as flourish through opportunity. They aren’t born that way, though. They are forged. They are built. 

BTL Builders are looking for the Few. Those who are ready for the transformative challenge that is our framework: Core, OPUS, PoP. Those who show up, who believe, who aren’t deterred by the acute pain that will ultimately displace chronic pain. Those who will rinse and repeat until their Core gets stronger and their OPUS is fueled by love. Those who are disciplined to do the work and who value their growth. 

One of the things I love about our framework and our process is that it builds strength upon strength. I was asked yesterday how we know we’re ‘done’ when building our clients and their teams. I responded that BTL is a lifestyle, not a short-term program…one that is for the Few. 

Our Band is filled with the Few. LA was one of the Few. I am forever grateful for my Builders. We have many awesome clients who are the Few. We also have some who self-select out. We’re good with that. We know we are called to build the Few. We invite all who want to be built and we know it will be the Few who will be the difference makers. 

One of my heroes from history is King David. He was one of the Few and he inspired some special warriors. In 2 Samuel 23, we read the account of David’s Mighty Men’s valiant victories in battle. What many forget is that this band of Mighty Men started out as a bit of a ragtag bunch, guys who were ‘in distress, indebted, and discontent’. So as David was on the run from King Saul who was trying to kill him, these 400 men chose to follow him with love, loyalty, and incredible courage. Why? David modeled the way. He was a man after God’s own heart, he loved his men, he led and fought well. He modeled honor when few understood why he didn’t take his shot at killing Saul when he could. His Core was strong, grounded in his love for God. 

37 of his Mighty Men are named in this chapter of scripture, yet there are ‘The 3’ who are singled out for special honor: Adino, who killed 800 of the enemy single-handedly;  Eleazar, who stood and fought by David’s side against the Philistines when the rest of their army deserted them until his hand was stuck to his sword; and Shammah who fought alone against the Philistines to defend a plot of land when all the people had fled in fear. These 3, the Few, had been built by David. They stood well in their MOT’s. And the kicker, for me, is that after these victories they didn’t complain when the spoils were shared with all of David’s army…even the deserters. Talk about a strong Core! 

Are you one of the Few, friend? Who is building into you? And who are your Few? How are you building into them? Remember the Builder’s journey is always together. Together we transform. 

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