Day 104: Performance-Aggressive

More love than fear.

What would it look like for your life and work to have more love and fear? I recently had a client write about this. They described, or rather, what I interpreted to be someone who was operating from a core filled with more fear than love at work. So I made them write about what it would like to have more love than fear at work. The response: Quite different.

I believe it’s very normal to fall into this trap of believing that grinding hard and downplaying issues is okay because you’ll just get it done. When you have more love than fear you’ll start to realize that you just come out with the truth more in the moment. When you have more love than fear you will raise issues to the attention of others, not to put others’ down, but rather because you want to fight for performance. This is my definition of performance aggressive. I want to work with teams that have more love for making the team great than fear of what other’s think.

Today I’m giving myself the PA to write about how I can incorporate more love than fear in my own work. We’re all a work in progress. More love than fear.

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