F’em & F’it…

There are only two primary fuels for firing your human engine. Let’s assume you’re a Porsche, friend. Your engine runs best on high (93-94) octane juice. The problem is this kinda fuel isn’t readily available as the low octane and lower cost stuff. You can’t find it at every fueling station, and when you do it costs more. Fact.

Normal humans simply take the cheap substitute and run on fear and anger (F’em & F’ it). Before big games they get all fired up with anger and top it off with an ever increasing fear of losing. Works for awhile. Maybe a long while before it starts to show up in wear and tear. Takes a bit longer to start your engine. Once started, it doesn’t rev as high, starts accumulating some sludge, and requires a lot more maintenance before it eventually blows a gasket. Hard, f’ing stop, right?

BTL believes there is a better way. The high octane fuel for chasing excellence is found in Love ‘em and love it. Every time someone BBTL goes to the fueling station, they fill up on more love for the team and more love for the work. They know it’s worth the extra effort and cost. You see, friend, love works for a lifetime. Love is pure go juice. Love fuels inspired performance that takes you deep into the red zone. Instead of blowing up, the engine rev’s on beyond perceived limits. You will too. If it’s fear you’re running on, slow down and ask yourself why. Get to the root. Go beyond the common behavior of taking the cheaper, quicker fill up with F’em & F’it. Get to the belief that causes you to settle for the cheap substitute. Change your belief? Change your behavior. Take the road less traveled from common to uncommon among the uncommon. Talk about a trip worth taking…

Excellence is not easy. Fuel matters. What’s filling you? Do you find yourself saying F’it or lets go, I freakin’ love it? Your choice. Your choices have consequences. You are a Porsche. So, don’t be a dumbass. Take care of your engine. Love ‘em. Love it. Floor the damn thing and giggle as you take turns and twists with uncommon poise and joy. You’re a Porsche. Act like it!

Live hard. Rev higher. Love harder…

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