Day 63: Not bad for an adopted Dad

We don’t rise to the occasion, we fall to the level of our training. Marcus’s book Meditations was like BTL practice for reminding himself about who he wants to become. Day 63 is cementing the challenge from my builder to get clarity on who I want to become.

Without challenge, reflection, and rinsing my principles I can become more fixated on how others are living. And then this leads to feelings of frustration or questioning how I should respond in moments of truth. So what’s my dream state for myself when I encounter these MOT’s?

My dream state for my life is to simply act in accordance with what’s written in my core. Just like Meditations.

Core work is training, and without it we simply react to our environment. With it, we live out our principles. Marcus and his adopted dad didn’t rise to the occasion, rather they fell to the level of their training. And their training was spent well by figuring out who they wanted to become. There’s no better feeling than when you encounter MOT’s and without even thinking you act in accordance with your core.

Write about a moment of truth, small or big, that you encountered recently. Did you simply just act in accordance with your core? Did you let fear creep in and hesitate? Write about why. Good.

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