Day 62: Faith…

This is going to go deeper than I can articulate but I must try.

I started fighting our nation’s wars in 1991 in the “First Gulf War”, I fought in Iraq again in 2006-2007 and had multiple deployments to Afghanistan after 9/11.

I was a soldier. Going to war was my job. It is what Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors are there for – to fight – and win our nation’s wars. It is a challenging task. The trajectory of war is not clear. Ever.

This past August when Afghanistan fell to the Taliban – my life was once again thrown into chaos because of war. This is not the time or place to go into the details of everything that happened next, but I will explain it the best way that I can…

I witnessed hope, faith, and love triumph over evil in a very real and visceral way.

I, and others, experienced this – firsthand.

How could something like that happen?


There was no way to help, nothing to be done…and then – there was.


As the recent war in Ukraine broke out, I reached out to my Builder John Rue with an urgent ask for help.

He reminded me of what I had just experienced with the fall of Afghanistan.


Jim Gant has more than enough to do right here in his wonderful home and within his own set of family and friends – – – I do not and should not – – – head for the war. Even though it is what I have been trained to do and I hear a calling a plea in fact for help.

So…I will pray and ask for vision, for sight.

In the meantime, let’s all say a prayer for the brave and beautiful people of Ukraine.

War is the ugliest manifestation of mankind imaginable.

Forgive us Father, for we know not what we do.

Forgive me Father, I knew not what I was doing.




From David Wood’s book “What Have We Done: The Moral Injury of Our Longest War”…page 266

3 thoughts on “Day 62: Faith…

  1. Dear brother Jim – I’m with you in this and yes, God already has His beloved people and His angels deployed in this new mission. In a hard, painful battlefield yet He has His own serving even now. With you, Jim, I’m on my knees in prayer, in faith.

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