CEO disease…

Daniel Goleman is know as the Father of Emotional Intelligence. In fact, he wrote the book with said title. Check it out if you haven’t already. The book is loaded with insight into this mostly misunderstood intelligence. Here are a couple.

First off. IQ is a threshold skill. Fact. If your IQ is somewhere around 100 you check the box. Greatness has little to do with IQ genius. In fact, if your IQ is above 140 (so called genius territory), you’re most likely handicapped, not helped by it! Be careful what you wish for. The greatest genius’s don’t outsmart the competition. They out think them with strategy and out execute them with excellence. This doesn’t take much more than common sense, right.

A second great insight from EI is that leaders suffer from what Goleman calls “CEO disease.” The higher up you get in any system, the more likely you are to contract this disease and operate in an information vacuum. The emotionally intelligent leader does not get frustrated with this fact. Instead they understand being lied to is the nature of their position, not so much the flawed character of those they lead. Game changing perspective right there. The BBTL leader gets curious, creates a safe space for honest dialogue, and values truth over false harmony. The BBTL leader builds wisdom. Smart, really. Today, I watched three CEO’s suffering from this disease. I stopped the spread by speaking truth and watching heads nod.

Most CEO’s value false harmony over hard truth. They’ve been living in denial. You?

Live hard. Love harder…

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