Day 63: Adopted Dad, part two…

I am an adopted Dad, father to the world’s 3 greatest children.

People often compliment me on our decision to adopt, but the truth is, we are the one’s blessed beyond measure.  They have taught me more than I will ever be able to articulate.  You see, they have chosen to love despite the fact that the start of their lives weren’t all that great.  They are embracing who they are biologically, who we are as a transracial family and who they are becoming. They have showed me how beautiful our difference are.  They have showed me the most pure form of ONEness.

Now don’t get me wrong, they are not free from the battles within, far from it.  But their trust and faith that we were brought together for a reason has allowed us to stand together, arm in arm, and fight.  Their courage to do so rivals most people I know.  What about you?

Do you choose to love when you really don’t have to?  Are you comfortable being uniquely, distinctly you or are you just trying to fit in?  Are you standing up and fighting as ONE or have you sadly gone at it a lone?  Like I said, I am the lucky one in my family and so are you if you chose.  Choose love, my friends, carpe diem…

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