Day 96: Genius and dumbass

Day 96 is a reminder.

You can’t be all things to all people.

Lead anything and you will come to understand this. As a BTL apprentice I didn’t understand this because I was never solely responsible for a team practice. Now that I’ve taken more responsibility I understand that the same reason why people love BTL is the same reason why other people hate it.

I’m currently working through making my peace with this. It’s challenged me to reflect and look at which core beliefs I really stand for. I really believe in BTL speaking and listening. I believe nobody is as strong as everybody. I believe that truth in love is the aim. I believe BTL isn’t about preaching a message, but rather involving individuals to make it their own. I believe we atrophy when we don’t continually practice. These challenges to my core have only made it stronger, because I’m currently doing the work to strengthen my belief in these core statements.

Reminder: Focus on what you can control.

You can control what YOU are convicted about in your core. Life circumstances will challenge it, people will challenge it, and BTL builders will challenge it. None of this matters unless you author it. The more I author mine and practice rinsing it, the more I’m comfortable with other people challenging my core.

This is making the single biggest impact in my both my BTL and personal life right now. Rinse your core and align your behaviors to your beliefs. I could write a story about each belief statement I wrote in this blog. My core is getting stronger when I have that much conviction in these beliefs. I challenge you to write a story about your beliefs. Go 5 layers deep. Convince me that you really believe that.

5 thoughts on “Day 96: Genius and dumbass

  1. Well said, Taylor. As for me, I hate BTL. Which is the very reason I love BTL.

    It took me a long time to realize that everyone offering me comfort was lying. But that’s what the masses want. It sells, and the lines to buy it are really long.

    What BTL offers is pain and suffering (translation: Truth and Accountability). And, like a dumbass, I actually pay for this pain and suffering. At least the lines aren’t long.

    But somehow, in all the suffering, I’m discovering truth. Discovering answers. Discovering myself. Discovering who I’m created to become. Very weird how that works. And that’s kinda genius.

  2. Beautiful, Taylor! You have captured, spot on, both the challenge and the opportunity that the BTL process offers us all. What I love most about our BTL framework and process is that it reveals, develops, and builds the unique individuals we are created to be and empowers us to step into our unique purpose. To achieve our Why. BTL is sui generi (for those who know Latin…).

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