Yesterday during practice 46 we learned another law of physics. Force is the mass of an object multiplied by velocity. You see, I want one of these young women to be a force to be reckoned with. She has built a strong physical plant and is the fastest athlete on the team. Fact. She has the opportunity to be forceful. Her leader and I want her to build an identity around “I am fit. I am strong. I am fast.” And, we want her character to align. We want her to be a force in every practice and every game. It is in her.

The truth is “it” is in many on this team and many in this work of BBTL. Most, however, play small. Why? Simple, really. Fear.

Fear tells us to play it safe, avoid the hard tackle, and be less forceful. Fear tells us to fit in and play within ourselves. Fear tells us not to burn bright and remember to leave something in the tank. Courage, remember, is not the absence of fear. Courage is simply action in the face of it. You, friend, are a force to be reckoned with. You are here because you are building a better you. You are doing the work. You are building mass within. You know this. You can feel this. Take off the rev limiter (governor). Floor the damn thing. Run through the ball and whomever’s on the wrong side of it. I mean c’mon woman, we didn’t build strength within and with our physical plant to play it safe, did we?

I am a strong 63. I am burning bright. I am gonna burn out bright, not slowly fade away. I am Toto, do not try to put me back in my basket. I am a small dude and play bigger. I am here to make you do what you can. I am here to remind you that you’ve always had the power within you, you’ve just had to learn it for yourself. I am not a braggart. I am a believer. I am a force and don’t care what you call me. I know whose I am and who I am. What about you? What do you believe? What names define you? What are you doing about it? Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

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