Day 68: Sparta’s way

Today I led the OSU wrestlers in practice one with me. I primed them with the purpose statement of Built to Lead and asked them what they heard. The melody line that they created from this was “the grappler’s way”.

Looking out into the team during practice I saw new freshman faces, veteran teammates, and elite grapplers. One of the teammates, an underclassman, spoke about trying to find out the elements of his wrestling mentality that will help him succeed. In essence he’s been trying to figure out which wrestling process to trust and commit to. From what the grapplers taught me, there is no one specific style that guarantees success.

I called on some of the few known elite grapplers in practice to tell us how they found their way. In my mind they perfectly connected it to the BTL purpose statement for why we are here.

Nobody finds their “grapplers way” without awakening, challenging, and transforming their core. What I heard is that you have to so confidently know and trust the type of wrestler in which you are, so that when moments of truth happen in matches you don’t even blink. You can’t go it a lone in practice. Grappler’s style is distinct and yet you must deeply connect to learn from other grapplers.

Today I simply made “the few” connect the team to how they did this. My aim was to inspire some of the grapplers in there that spoke about trying to find their way. Push a few leaders to connect the team to their builder’s journey. Never stop telling this story. The few young leaders will be inspired by it and find their way.

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