Humans are funny animals in so, so many ways. Here’s another unique twist to our nature. We are naturally aimless. Unlike the rest of the animal kingdom, our instincts are not what set us on the straight and narrow. Nope, you can’t count on your instincts to decide where to build your den, find your pack, or what to make your life’s work or even just make ends meet, for that matter. Look around you. How many of your colleagues look like they are all in, right?

The truth is most humans are aimless. Going through the motions. They don’t know how they ended up in Ohio, Oklahoma, or Oregon, it just kinda happened. They don’t know how they ended up in sales, sailing, or Scientology, they just stumbled into it and, twenty years later, they don’t know anything else. So, mindlessly, they simply carry on counting down the days until the chronic pain ends. Animals do not suffer this kinda malaise with regard to their work/life. Animals, guided by their instincts, simply do what animals do. You don’t see a Lion confused out on the Savannah or a fish wishing she were out of water. Ever seen a bird decide he would rather walk it out? How ‘bout a snake refusing to slither? Animals are not aimless, yet the one at the top defaults to energy save mode and aimlessly, often hopelessly, wanders around wondering if this is all there is.

It’s not.

The antidote to aimlessness is waking up to full consciousness. We have a reservoir of consciousness that is the envy of the animal world. Nobody else can mine their mind. Of course, this requires us to mind our own business instead of swiping our way around yours. Aimless is easy. Do not take the easy way through life. You are here for a purpose, multiple purposes actually. You are here to discover your calling on planet earth. This is why at BTL we begin our work with clients by making them think deeply about what they believe and why they’re here. We want our family, friends, and clients to cultivate purpose for both work and life.

This is why we have you work on CORE purposes (life) and work purpose (P to your OPUS). The only pure overlap between CORE and OPUS are purpose. In our estimation, purpose counts twice. Show me the human who has clarity of purpose for their work and life and I’ll show you a soul on fire. Ain’t no animal that can match any man or woman who knows why they’re here and why it matters. Tame your nature, friend. The antidote to aimless is purpose. I’m glad we had this talk. This is why I’m here. Why, friend, are you here?

Live hard. Love harder…

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