What’s documented…

I work one on one with twenty two individuals and one on a few with ten teams. Everyday I hear about problems and opportunities from each. Today was no different. One of my clients did not document a critical conversation with a teammate. He said one thing (or so he says) and they heard another. They both thought they were in agreement.

They were not.

Most conflict is a conversation to be had. This is one of my bolted on beliefs. It’s true, most of the time. Here’s the nuance I shared with my client this morning. Conflict regarding compensation is a conversation to be documented. Do not miss the nuance. Humans go ape shit crazy when it comes to their compensation. I’ll never forget my mentor, Greg Tillar, kicking my ASS with regard to promising compensation issues with members of my team. He was ccd. “Conversations don’t mean shit when it comes to compensation. What’s documented is what’s done. Never leave comp to conversation. Document it.”

Doesn’t matter what you say. What’s documented is what’s done. Want to avoid unnecessary conflict with regard to compensation? Document it. Thanks, Greg, for teaching me this truth. Btw, I was more coachable than I let on…

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