Day 47: Galton

Core, Opus, and Pop are the melody line of any BTL practice.

Today we got after it investing the time to build our BTL core with the help of our peers in BTL practice. I believe often we see high performers who are overly responsible and have a hard time asking for help. Remember, time spent wisely in BTL practice is when peers feel enough trust in the room to ask for help. Or rather, when a BTL builder pushes you to tell us more and step out on the edge of vulnerability.

Two things are true.

Nobody knows everything.

Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

So be like Galton. Do you think Galton worried about appearing great? An elite performer’s optimal mindset shouldn’t. Elite performers worry less, and ask more questions. Mastery comes from being insatiable curious and following that up with a hunger to apply the learning. So next BTL practice initiate asking for help. We all need help tightening our core and opus. Be weary of coming to BTL practice assuming that you’ve aligned your core and opus perfectly. Go to your next BTL practice ready to share about where you need help.

And today’s learning was a great reminder for me. Rachel push me to do the same. I fight the same urge to appear as if I can handle it all. I will not go it alone, and I will connect someone to where I need help. I will do this because I know it will make me and my work better. Two is one and one is none.

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