Most moments of truth (MOT) are small. We mostly miss them on purpose. We’re afraid to offend. We’re not sure what to do with conflicted emotions. We don’t trust our ability, motivation, and don’t want to be perceived as a b&tch or dick. We experience a failure of nerve. Fact.

So we ignore early warning signals until we can’t take it anymore. We blow up and experience clarity – just way too late. We walk on or out. We leave the abusive relationship, marriage, or partnership. We quit the job working for the racist you know what. Or, in collegiate sport now, we simply enter the transfer portal. Problem solved. Not really, right?

Here’s what I believe. Most conflict is simply a conversation to be had – a hard one. Want to avoid really painful MOT? Have small ones. Have one today. All of us have conflict within and with others. The best amongst us, trust their strong CORE and initiate MOT within and with others. Conflict is never with the entire team, leader. It’s with one or two or at most a few. It’s just easier to tell them all to get on the line, we’re running ‘cause this practice is bullshit.

That, friend, is a dick move.

Slow down and reflect. Write. Talk. Address a small MOT. You and your teams just got better; bitter, not so much.

Live hard. Love harder…

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