Day 270 – Occam’s razor

“Make things as simple as possible, never more so.” I laughed because it reminded me of another quote: “If you ask a lazy person how to solve a problem, they will find the easiest (simple) way to do it”. Why do we overcomplicate things?

I believe we overcomplicate things because of a weak core. I’ve overcomplicated work because I’ve been too uncomfortable with the simplicity of the answer. The BTL core work is simple, not easy. And this core work helps you learn how to trust your judgement. The more you build personal trust with yourself, the more you will have simple decisions because you begin to trust your core. Trusting your own core is the stepping stone toward building trust with the team.

Remember the job of a BTL builder. A BTL builder finds the melody line of practice and a simple PA to build mastery. In BTL practice there is plenty of noise, good tangents, and extensive nuance. Build the skill of finding the simple melody line and then trust your core.

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