Day 271 – Miss makes me

What’s it going to take for you to deeply change?

I believe it takes catalysts to enable change. Sometimes it’s a doctor, sometimes it’s a loved one, and sometimes it’s a job that is the catalyst toward change. I believe what Chet is saying in this BBTL day is that we need to fight the need for a catalyst to wake us up. We all have an integrity gap that exists, but why have we not started working today toward changing our behavior? I believe the strongest humans are the ones embracing their need for deep change.

The reason we need catalysts for change is because it’s hard to go it alone. Embracing your need for change is relying on the people around you to help you. You are blessed if you have a BTL builder making you do what you can. Likewise you are blessed if you have a loved one, a co-worker, or a coach help you change. I believe you are not less because you admit your need to change, you become more. Write I need help … (fill in the blank) and share it with someone.

1 thought on “Day 271 – Miss makes me

  1. Thanks Tay, that’s right… “the strongest humans are the ones embracing their need for deep change.”

    I have been weak and I need help… changing my relationship with being physically healthy. I do just enough to check the box, but not nearly what I can.

    I will find the help I need thanks to your clear, concise and direct message. Together we transform…

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