Day 273 – LA’s way

Although I never got to meet Larry I feel like I see him through the memories and experiences the BTL band has shared with me. Larry’s influence, I’ve observed, has been through the lasting impact he has had on our current BTL band that is modeling Love harder.

Love harder… get your ratios right. I can tell Larry was trying to mold Chet into more of a love cat. I can also see how much our BTL band has modeled this. We are hard on each other but we get our ratios right. We esteem and we commit to giving each other feedback.

Master your craft. Are you asking for feedback? Are you hungry to learn more? Mastering your craft takes daily discipline.

Build your integrity. The more work I do on my core and opus the more clarity I get around building someone else. Model the way.

Thank you to everyone who has been tuning into my blogs this month! This month was a combination of building my integrity, mastering my craft, and loving harder. I got to practice a daily discipline of writing, thinking and learning, and loving the work. I’ll be excited this next month to have Pete Kunk share his wisdom with us. This morning at BTL practice I got to hear a rinse of Pete’s Opus that I had never heard. I can’t wait to see your Opus come through the daily blog Pete!

1 thought on “Day 273 – LA’s way

  1. Thank you, Tay, for an awesome month of writing. I loved hearing your voice, always CCD which landed straight into my heart, my mind and my soul. And thank you for today’s entry…one that means so much to me. LA was a love cat, for sure, however one who was both tough and tender…not a squishy love cat, that our current culture would expect. The resulting impact of truth and challenge delivered with great love that LA modeled so well, lives on. LA loved God. LA loved truth. He loved others well, always with Truth in Love. Always moving toward Oneness.
    Which challenges me to think about the impact and legacy my life will leave…I’m about to rinse my OPUS once more as a result.

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