Beliefs matter…

The more I learn the less I know.

This is one of my bolted on beliefs, through which I make sense of my world. Yes, we’re talking worldview again. Tuesday’s OSU Head Coaches practice was attended by three out of thirty six. If my math is to be trusted, we had eight percent of the team in attendance. Over ninety percent had better things to do, at least that’s what their behavior would indicate. When HC practice began a few years ago, we had over fifty percent participation. Rave reviews. So, what happened?

Nothing out of the norm, friend.

The content is still compelling. The coaches still desire deeper connections with their peers. And, the value is still there. So why does attendance wane in anything aimed at excellence? Here’s why. Don’t miss this. Most leaders believe the more they learn the less they need to practice the stuff they already know. Most of your athletes, btw, believe the same. This is why they kinda go through the motions with your repetitive drills. Funny, huh. Here’s another of my bolted on beliefs – Few teammates ever rise beyond the level of their leader. This is why I believe this about leadership – Want a better team? Become a better leader.

OSU HC practice 31 was not a fail, it was a HUGE success. Three coaches got better. Three coaches learned a nuance around something they already knew. Three coaches gave each other ideas and more courage around how to implement ‘em. Three coaches out of thirty six. It. Is. Always. The. Few.

Tighten your worldview, friend. Marry the mundane. Remember Kobe Bryant’s response when asked by Coach Kevin why he was working on his crossover, which was the best in the world, prior to their shooting practice at 6am. Kobe looked at Kevin with shoot in his eyes and answered his question with a better question of his own. “How do you think it got to be the best in the world?”

What are your deepest held beliefs, friend? Do your behaviors reflect your beliefs? How do you measure success? What metrics matter most? Are you fixated on growing your audience or growing your few? Slow down and reflect.

Live hard. Love harder…

2 thoughts on “Beliefs matter…

  1. Chet…IT.IS.ALWAYS.THE.FEW….Over and over and over – I have seen this play itself out over a lifetime…

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