Day 287: Reflective Actionator….

So, the question Chet is asking in today’s blog is, how can you become less Ruminator (leader who takes too long making decisions), less Terminator (leader who lacks emotional self-control) and be more the Reflective ACTionator (leader who makes better decisions, and more of them, is decisive, clear and seeks root causes through piercing questions)

Once again, I keep reminding myself that we are studying the Essential of Wisdom and being a more Reflective ACtionator is at the heart of this Essential of Wisdom.  Quoting Chet, “The quality of your life comes down to the quality and quantity of your decisions.”  That’s real Wisdom!

And in my mind, all of this, being a Reflective ACTionator is a benefit of living a Core-Centered life. Doing the hard work of looking within and utilizing the greatest gift God has bestowed on all men and women, the ability to be more Self-Aware each day. The Human Differentiator, having the Personal Power of not being defined by your circumstances, moods, feelings, thoughts and all those environmental influences that can be so self-limiting. When your whole, fully integrated with your values, beliefs, purpose, and passions, trust me you will think differently, you will make better decisions!

I keep reminding my clients relentlessly of the 7 C’s, the magic of this work and what makes our BTL Process so different than other leader type programs or off the shelf programs. You want to improve your decision making? You want to be more pro-active? Do you want to become more of a Reflective ACTionator? Then simply consider the following 7 Benefits of Building a Stronger CORE.

A strong CORE there is no substitute…

Clarity of vision. You clearly see your way forward and are on a mission as you walk. You live on purpose and by your principles. 

Confident. As you strengthen your CORE you build what the world cannot give, what money cannot buy, but what we all deeply need – a strong sense of self. 

Consistency. You become more and more predictable. Your character is becoming more deeply engraved on your heart. You control how you respond to circumstances and other people because you choose to.” 

Changing. Almost paradoxically, you are not only more consistent but also more changeable. 

Consideration of others. You seek to understand people instead of trying to fix them.  

Community. People are attracted to real strength. Remember, mass attracts mass. You experience real community as you give to your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. 

Contentment. You live a great life. And, in the end, a life worth living

Building a strong BTL CORE, there is no substitute. You are being built to lead. Are you building your CORE? Are you building you or are you simply going with the flow, what’s popular, or what you picked up along the way? 

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