Day 289: Leaders facing it…..

As I read Chet’s blog today there were two sentences that pierced me and that is usually how it goes for me.  I then simply start writing my little rant in my journal. This month is different, I’m publishing what I’m journaling, different, but fun and another learning opportunity! The two sentences that really spoke to me……

Leaders face their fears, feelings, and focus on facts. Leaders understand noise, distraction, and obstacles are just the gig. Leaders lead us through these times by making more decisions when it matters most.

I will be CCD on this point, “You can’t lead anybody any further than you have led yourself.”  Chet has written 3, 600 + blogs and in one form or another the message will lead back to CORE! If you do not look within and choose to do the hard work of building your six pack, your CORE, your leadership will simply not be sustainable long term. 

If you face adversity or significant change, you can bet it will model in some form the following 3 stages.


As human beings we love order and structure and the comfort of these confines. However, deep down we soon realize this space is not about growth, it’s not about reaching your full potential. This space can become frustrating, self-serving and a cause for anything but comfort.


You will NEVER go through life and not experience adversity, set-backs, failure, change and in some cases traumatic life changing events. The question is, will you be ready, will you have the Strong CORE that will allow you to navigate these changes and focused on the facts that will allow you to make the wise decisions all leaders are called to make.


You learn that failure is a natural part of this whole re-ordering process or the natural human experience of life.

Case in point:

Last night we sat on top of a mountain in Park City Utah, in the home of our young friends, Dan and Julia, their 4 year old and 18 month old baby.  Their home sits at an elevation of 8,000 ft.  and you can see for miles in almost any direction. I was watching the sunset and it was breath taking and overwhelming when you think of where this young couple was 4 years ago. 

Dan and Julia opened a new restaurant which was exactly what Dan had dreamed of doing, Dan understood the business and it was destined to be successful. However, adversity and change got in the way, and yes, Dan made some bad decision’s. Ultimately the Restaurant did not make it, he failed .

With a new baby, a failed business and most of their assets gone, Dan experienced what any of us would feel, heart ache, sense of failure, doubt, anger, stress and worry!  Yes, he felt all that and deeply.

AND in-spite of all those ugly feelings, Dan looked inside, leaned hard on Julia who is a rock of a woman, and to his trusted inner circle. He then reminded himself of one thing, he was fearless about learning, failing and persevering. He reminded himself of a big dream, buying land, doing all the things he and Julia loved to do, hiking, skiing, mtn. biking and learning. Instead of wallering in his pain, he came to grips with his reality, evaluated the facts before him and he chose productive action. He developed another career, meaningful work, started looking for land and found a spot at 8,000 ft, and trust me, a whole bunch of people walked away from this spot because it was simply to challenging to build on.  Dan and Julia doing what they do, seize opportunity, with a fearless mindset and together, climbing bigger mountains! 

Another great lesson in leadership, build your core, dream big and be fearless in the face of failure! 

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