Day 294:Unite or Untie…

I’m going to address one side of this issue and it’s knowing when to untie and move on from a team member. In the past 6 months, almost every leader I’m building into, has dealt with an individual who is either, toxic, continually disruptive, or simply not meeting expectations. And in most cases the leader has spent an inordinate amount of time trying to fix the person, has failed in providing real clarity, listened to many excuses, and lacked the courage to act!

We say it over and over at BTL, “You can’t lead anybody any further than you have led yourself.” Have you done the work of defining your own CORE? Have you defined your CORE Principles? Have you broadcast those Core Principles to your team? Have you modeled those Core Principles? Have you defined Strong Core Principles with your team? Strong Core Principles can keep a team centered, strong and aligned, reducing many of the toxic behaviors previously mentioned.

The leaders I see who are making the right decisions and deciding sooner than later to move on, to untie from a team member, are leaders who have provided real CLARITY, rigorous clarity for all involved! When you have this kind of clarity, YOU will know when to ACT! 

I think Chet has it right……” Leaders, if they’re building something special, something elite, something united, will have to untie from others along the way.”

Are you spending to much time trying to fix others?

Are you providing rigorous clarity?

Are your expectations clear and in writing?

Have you done the hard work of defining your own CORE?

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