Day 293: Common practice….

As I read Chet’s Blog, it is one of the shorter blogs but clearly packed with questions and challenges as to what kinds of choices and decisions we are making for our lives. And very specifically the question, “is it common practice for you to Live Hard, Love Harder?

As I stated in an earlier blog, I took that challenge one year ago, Live Hard Love Harder, after a lot of writing and better understanding what Chet’s WHY was for even coming up with those 4 Words, Live Hard Love Harder. As the Senior Member (old guy) of the BTL team, the Old Coach as Chet likes to remind me, I wanted to put Live Hard Love Harder to the test, and really use it as a filter for how I SEE my future, my VISION and how I expect to LIVE HARD and LOVE HARDER. This is one part of my CORE Document that I use as a daily reminder for how I am choosing to live my life, LIVE HARD LOVE HARDER!

The Vision I have for my life is certainly impacted by my Worldview. As I always say to my clients, I’m not here to sell you on my Worldview, I’m here to help you discover and define you’re deeply held beliefs, your Worldview, your Aim, and the compelling Vision you have for your life. All part of the CORE building process. 

My Overarching Vision

Love Harder

  • I see a deeper, richer life in Christ in the years I have left on this earth.
  • I see Chris and I studying the word of God together and being able to impact and model to our children, family, friends, and community, our deep conviction, love for each other, and Faith in Christ.
  • I see myself being a servant of God and fulfilling my purpose in life as a BTL Builder and enjoying and loving my work!
  • I see myself uplifting, loving, encouraging, and challenging my family friends, clients and anyone God puts in front of me that needs my help…. that’s my calling…. that’s my life in Christ.
  • I see myself doing the best work of my career, what I LOVE doing, in the years I have left. I will continue to gain wisdom, knowledge, and experience through study, learning and applying.

Love Harder (Serving Others)

  • I see myself with a full practice and serving clients who want to do the Hard Work of Building a Strong CORE. I am learning that this work is not for everyone so therefor, I need to pull in my net and focus my energies on those clients who are willing to do the BTL work.
  • I see Chris and I serving together as a team loving, volunteering, serving, learning, and growing in our Faith while serving others.
  • I see our commitment to our marriage as a way of modeling to others the blessings God has bestowed on us.

Live Harder (Learning, Growing, Connecting)

  • I see myself and Chris filled with energy, great health, enjoying physical exercise, eating healthy and spiritually blessed in our Faith.
  • I see Chris and I doing what we love to do, travel, meet new people, being curious and learning about their lives and enjoying the connectedness we all have with each other.
  • I see myself pursuing Mastery of my craft, (BTL), learning, growing, and developing with the help of the BTL Band, who are doing the same, working to master their craft.
  • I see us being very active with our grandchildren and playing a vital loving role in their lives. I want to teach and share with them our strong faith in God. 
  • We are travelers, we enjoy finding new adventures, planning our trips, getting excited about the travel and the passion and energy it gives us.
  • I see myself as an athlete with years of experience training myself and others, and now having the opportunity to give back through Delay the Disease and growing this group and giving them the gift of exercise.
  • I see Chris and I growing old together, enjoying our yard, flowers, gardening, walking together, working out together, sharing stories and fighting our way through the battles we will have (fewer battles now) as we grow older. 

Is it a common practice for YOU to Live Hard Love Harder?

4 thoughts on “Day 293: Common practice….

  1. PK – This is one of my favorite daily musings of all-time. CCD. From the heart. I live with someone who’s beliefs and behavior are aligned. It is beautiful. Your CORE is strong. Your vision is clear. I will continue to work alongside you…and thank you for helping me through some tough days when I wanted to do things that were not good for me. I LOVE THIS POST!

    1. Jim
      Thanks so much for your kind words! You have brought so much to the BTL team! You have taught all of us the real definition of courage!
      Love ya Man!
      God Bless

  2. I’m celebrating 15 years of marriage today, together since high school. I’m glad you shared all of this – it’s gives perspective to being yourself, enjoying each other, and sharing a future. I love this so much, thank you sir.

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