Day 292: Integrity…

One thing I know for sure, when you do the hard work of building a strong CORE, a compelling OPUS, and consistent Productive Action on a day-to-day basis, you have begun building that Second Nature, what Chet writes about in so many of these blogs.  You start to understand that it’s fruitless and it’s a waste of time, looking for integrity Gaps in others.

I like the following Quote, “Never compare your insides to somebody else’s outsides.” 

Rob Lowe

If you follow the BTL blog, then you have probably read that quote before. When you find a good quote that nails the problem why not use it! Trying to focus on somebody else’s Integrity Gaps, is just outside work, it’s what an average player does and that’s why they can’t find their way to the first team! They don’t understand the power of that Second Nature, a true Core Centered individual, Core Centered and Self-Controlling.

Part of my daily ritual is to rise early, 5:00 am. My mind has less distraction going on, I seem to think better at that hour, and I seem to find a quote, a word, an insight that sticks with me. The following insight was Tattooed on my brain! Andy is sharing his insights from his reading of the book, Chet’s book of Daily Disciplines.


From Andy Tetalbaum Sunday supper Deliberate Practice

 It’s not uncommon to practice deliberately for a short period of time… to keep doing it after the excitement of the journey has waned, and you aren’t getting the feedback that affirms your effort, that’s what separates the gold medals from those who never make the games.  Too many people have a “mental representation” of how it’s going to be and when…and when that doesn’t come to fruition, they bail. Human nature I guess… that’s why we are building a second nature.  It’s also why if you don’t love the journey, and aren’t inspired by the destination, your chances of lasting long enough to reach the “peak” are pretty much nil. 

When you get what that Second Nature is all about, trust me, you won’t waste your time looking outward for somebody else’s integrity gaps, you will be focused on Your Own Integrity Gaps! As Andy said, if you don’t love the journey, and aren’t inspired by the destination, your chances of lasting long enough are nil! 

It is hard to stay focused on this essential, critical aspect of building your CORE, looking with in and identifying your own Integrity Gaps. Do it NOW! When you find one, don’t be surprised if you find 5 more! It just seems to work that way! 

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