Day 291: Do more by design

Six months ago, I started an engagement with a client and immediately his Boss and HR wanted to utilize a 360 Feedback Instrument, providing the client with up to date, real time feedback. I asked them to hold off so we could fully vet his Discovery Questions, his level of awareness on his strengths, weaknesses, core values, integrity gaps and simply a base line of his overall level of awareness. He did a good job with his Discovery Questions and in his own words was starting to hear his own voice, his weaknesses, and his integrity gaps. As I said, hearing his voice but not a strong core centered voice with a clear aim! He was having some issues with his direct reports and the time seemed right for some 360 Feedback.

The feedback was in and much of the feedback was positive, and as I expected, he had integrity gaps, leader skills that needed work and new opportunities for growth. Like so many clients, he went directly to the integrity gaps and immediately started defending himself. He was surprised at the feedback from his Boss and Peers, and simply could not understand or accept any of it!

What I was hearing over and over was how he thought he had a better reputation, and his focus was on repair, a quick fix! AND the question he needed to hear and did hear from his Builder, is exactly the question Chet is asking in today’s blog, “Are you living true to your character in your twenty square feet or worrying about your reputation?”  As stated, so many times by Chet on this blog site, we have a justice thread that is incredibly strong, we want to defend, deny, and give a hundred different reasons why we are right! It’s hard to hear an integrity gap being played back and really listen and embrace the feedback and ask more curious questions. It takes a strong Core to do this, listen, ask curious questions when those Real Bullets of Truth are being fired at you! Hard for my client but now he was more awake and oriented times 4 and looking within.

  • How do you get feedback?
  • Are you seeking feedback and modeling an open mindset to feedback?
  • Do you Defend, Deny, and Destroy your relationships with others over feedback that’s been offered?
  • How can you truly live a life by design when you’re unwilling to course correct (accept feedback?  

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