Day 296: Repent

As I read Chet’s message, Day 296: Repent, from his book Daily Disciplines, I immediately knew what I wanted to write about, Worldview. Your Worldview/Your Belief System is where it all begins. If you’re not happy with a behavior, look at your Worldview/Your Beliefs and where you’re not in alignment. As Chet stated in his message, “Stop acting like you’re whole when you’re not. The best among us understand that ever-increasing integrity is the beginning and end of excellence—the alpha and omega if you will.”

I have written several times about the phrase, Live Hard Love Harder, a mantra I have adopted. Part of my Worldview states how much my family means to me, my friends, my partner’s, and the power of transformational relationships in our communities. And when I used this mantra of “Live Hard Love Harder as a filter for HOW I was loving my Family Harder, Friends Harder and my Wife Harder, my behavior was not aligned. My behavior was not passing the test! What I realized was the lack of patience I have in my communications with others. I realized I was very intolerant at times and could be demanding of my own expectations, needs and desires. 

We don’t just define a Worldview and then walk away from it! It is so critical to our development and growth as leaders and being simply good citizens, good human beings. I started identifying key aspects of my Worldview which I had defined and started the old taste test as to how my behavior aligned with those beliefs, bottom line, I had work to do!

The following are several CORE Beliefs that I defined and used to evaluate my behaviors and how true I was being to my Worldview. These are just 6 CORE Beliefs out of about 25 that I defined as my Worldview.

  • I believe I have a responsibility to be a productive member of society, utilizing my God given talents, strengths, and skills to serve and support myself, family, and my community.
  • I believe that I have a responsibility to do whatever I can to make this world a better place.
  • I believe in giving respect, empathy, and compassion to those less fortunate and disenfranchised in some way and need our generosity.
  • I believe in the limitless capacity we have for change, growth, and personal development. 
  • I believe in strong transformational relationships, the power these relationships can have individually, with in our families and in our communities. We are relational people, it’s in our DNA, it’s part of God’s plan.
  • I believe ONE person can make a difference in another person’s life, in a family, community and in the World.
  • What about you, find those integrity GAPS and put them up to the light, using your Worldview to paint a clearer picture? 
  • Find the incongruencies in your own Character and then take Productive Action!

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