Brother Mick…

Brother Mick has been riding with us for over a decade. We’ve invited him to join us for core work (3PP) forever. He’s never shown up once. He’s a strong rider, great doc, and a lifesaver (at least he saved mine). He believed the core work was not worth his time and/or well beyond his reach. So, he never came.

Until today.

Today, Brother Mick came to the damp, chilly, and unforgiving 3PP. He pushed, pulled, planked, swung bells, lunged, bear crawled, and laughed along the way. He looked great and worked his core. I was so happy to see him come and give it a go. You see, friend, I love making people do what they can. I push, cajole, trash talk, and pretty much poke every way I can. If you’re in my circle of influence you’re gonna feel my belief in making you do more than you think. Many misunderstand my motives. Many are put off. Some want to put up their dukes and take me outside. And some show up. Some dish it back (few do it very well). Some transform within themselves and within me. Some come for a season. Some for much longer. Some simply come and go.

I keep showing up. Some days with a few. Some days with many. I keep encouraging my family and friends to join in the fray. You never know when one may come. Today, one did. Brother Mick my man. We worked. We walked. We talked. And, obviously, we smiled. We are overjoyed you joined us, Brother.

Who, friend, are you not giving up on? Who are you inviting to join your fray? Who are you giving the gift of your belief even if they give it the heisman, year in and out? Leaders initiate. Are you?

Live hard. Love harder…

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