Day 297: Phronesis

I love this Sunday discipline! It’s very intentional, you can get up a little earlier than the family or after the young ones are in bed and review your Productive Action from the past week and the week ahead of you. Let me share what I think is different and real “Sticky” about Chet’s approach or his Sunday Discipline.

Think very hard about this important line from todays blog, 297 Phronesis as stated in Chet’s book, 365 Daily Disciplines. “The real way forward is clarity within, clarity of aim, and clarity and consistency of “left foot, right foot” as you baby step forward. Rinse and repeat…” If you’re not clear about your Aim, your Purpose and done the hard work of defining your Core, well, you know the drill, you have read this enough in these blogs, get busy building your Core, find a BTL Builder and together, Build your CORE! Another words, if you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to define your Productive Action?

I’m a freak about note taking, journaling, and having a 3×5 index card with a “To Do list” for each day. I got this from my dad. Every morning at breakfast Dad would sit and write his to do list and carry this card with him each day. As I got older, I adopted this discipline and even went so far as having cards printed by Levinger, with the date on them, lines, boxes to check off etc. I get anal about things!

With all that said, Chet’s NOT Talking about a TO DO LIST!! Not at all! Big difference! Let me explain what I see as the big differences and what I try to do each Sunday as I prepare for my week.

  1. I have my CORE document in front of me. I’m thinking and referring to it as I review my PA for the week. What did I do to Love MY Wife Harder? Did I really lean in and tune in to what she was struggling with, needs help with or simply look for ways to make her day fun?
  2. What integrity GAPS do I need to address? Am I really living up to my CORE Principles and modeling to others a Character that is worth following?
  3. What small step can I take today to support my team, (time, money, manpower, listening, coaching), letting them know I’m physically and emotionally engaged and present and ready to serve them.
  4. What big dreams do I have and what step could I take today to make it a reality. We just got back from Utah, visiting Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon, and the Grand Canyon. My wife had this on her list of Big Dreams, and I had it on my mine but with others more of a priority. She wanted to get it done sooner than later…. thank God we did, why didn’t we do it sooner! Incredible scenery and memories!
  5. Another very important distinction from a “TO DO List”, you’re looking back over your week and evaluating your efforts with a Pass or Fail grade! I love this idea, you either did it or you failed to do your best, to give a full effort. A rigorous evaluation, we don’t give ourselves any ribbons for participation or an 80% effort!
  6. I hope you clearly see the difference, it’s a high-level approach to developing Productive Action that supports and brings to life the Great Life you’re Choosing to Live!

Are you on this earth to do something, or are you here for something to do? Choose Phronesis, (Sunday Discipline), big difference than a “TO DO LIST”!

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