Day 298: It’s not just business…

“It’s just business” …. I remember the day when I uttered those words as we were parting company with a long-time employee. My Boss asked me to be in the meeting to basically shadow him in this difficult situation and to better understand how he would approach this situation. We were parting company with a twenty-year employee who was having a very difficult time with our rapid growth, change and acceptance of new roles. Phil was giving me a front row seat to witness first-hand the principles that he lived by and the values he had so painstakingly adhered too years before I arrived on the scene.

I had just left IBM, 24 years of age, now working in this small business and learning from a Boss that I would grow to admire, love and be impacted in so many positive ways. I was cocky, had a big ego, I knew everything, and ready to take on the world! 

As we parted company, the man was visibly upset, not wanting to leave our company, not really wanting to accept his part in this situation and asking my Boss for one more chance. As we walked him to his car, Phil shook his hand, I did the same and thinking I would make him feel better, I said, “Hey, it’s just a business decision we had to make, you’ll get another job!” My Boss then invited me into his office and for the next hour, I received a cultural lesson and a very clear message, “NO…it’s Not…. Just Business, to that man with 3 kids and a mortgage, it’s a twenty-year relationship built on respect, trust and teamwork and those are foundational values we practice daily!” I still feel the sting of that conversation and the lesson I learned that day.

What I have learned and profoundly understand today……you better have some Bolted on Beliefs! Some of my beliefs are listed below and I try to remind myself daily of these Core Beliefs/Worldview. These beliefs have helped me to navigate life with a better understanding of the value each of us have in life. 

  • I believe in the dignity of all-human beings and that we were born to be brothers in Christ.
  • I believe I have a responsibility to be a productive member of society, utilizing my God given talents, strengths, and skills to serve and support myself, family, and my community.
  • I believe that I have a responsibility to do whatever I can to make this world a better place.
  • I believe in giving respect, empathy, and compassion to those less fortunate and disenfranchised in some way and need our generosity.
  • I believe in strong transformational relationships, the power these relationships can have individually, with in our families and in our communities. We are relational people, it’s in our DNA, it’s part of God’s plan.
  • I believe ONE person can make a difference in another person’s life, in a family, community and in the World. 
  • I believe in having a strong work ethic and being a part of something that adds great value to other’s lives. This is the kind of pursuit or work I want to be involved in., good work that utilizes my strengths, skills, and abilities.

How about you, what are your Core Beliefs? Can you name right now 5 of your Deeply held beliefs? The bolted-on beliefs that are your compass for life?

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